Anxiety on the birth control pill

The contraceptive pill is the most commonly prescribed medicine in the world. It works through the hormones that control the cycle. But that also means that it can cause side effects. The hormones not only control your cycle, but also your mood.

Important facts about the Pill and your hormones

Basically all drugs can have side effects and this is of course also true for the pill. These side effects can affect your mood, among other things, because they are often hormonally controlled.

The Pill itself has a contraceptive effect by interfering with the production or release of sex hormones. This mainly involves oestrogen and progesterone. These control the cycle, but also your emotional states.

Besides your hormones, there are other influences on your emotional states. These are often related to your diet. This means that if your diet deprives you of important substances, such as vitamins B6 and B12, they can intensify the effect of the pill. Anxiety and even depression can then develop.

One way of counteracting this is to give you the important nutrients. This can be done through a targeted diet or through food supplements. A targeted diet has its advantages, as it mainly uses natural foods. However, the problem is that it is by no means certain that you will be provided with the missing ingredients in the required quantity.

On the other hand, if you use supplements, they are directly tailored to your daily consumption. In this case, you will be provided with the right ingredients in the right amounts. This can alleviate or even prevent the effects of the hormonal influence of the pill.

This does not mean that you have to fight your feelings with food additives in any case. We all feel a little intimidated and worried from time to time. This can be due to work or an upcoming exam. However, there are moments when it is better to work with diet or food supplements.

When is it advisable to change your diet or work with supplements? This is always the case when it is no longer a matter of natural fear. If you do not have an exam in front of you, if you are not going on your first date or if your work does not challenge you, then you should be relaxed. But if you can't relax, if the fear is flying at you and is dominating or at least negatively affecting your life, then you have to do something.

What do anxiety states look like?

Anxiety states are always associated with some special feelings and effects that become noticeable. You then either have difficulty falling asleep, you wake up frequently or your sleep does not have the right quality. In the end you are always tired and lacking in motivation. You have no energy and are constantly tired.

You experience anxiety attacks again and again. Then everything frightens you and you are in constant stress. You are afraid to drive your car because you could have an accident. You imagine your television exploding when you want to turn it on. Every sound makes you crash.

You're always worried about something, but you don't know what it is. Everything puts you under stress. You think you can't pass the exam, your boss won't be happy with you or you get sick. All this leads to you doing less and less and withdrawing more and more into yourself.

Everything irritates you. Your friends get on your nerves. You get angry whenever someone in your family says something wrong. You feel pressured by everything and don't know how to escape this stress. You just want to be alone and at the same time you are afraid of being alone.

You are constantly nervous. You play with your pen, your hair or you tremble. You just can't calm down and you have no control over yourself. Your heart beats up to your neck and you feel constricted. You just want to rush outside and it feels like you can't breathe.

Then the stomach pains come. Something makes you so uncomfortable that even your digestion stops working. Your stomach aches alternate with your walks to the bathroom. No matter what you do, whether you drink tea or lie down, it does not get better.

All of these symptoms are alarming, but as long as they occur sporadically, they are not a problem. They only become a concern if they are either permanent or appear regularly, always at the same time in your cycle.

The pill, PMS and anxiety

Your sex hormones control your cycle, but they also control you. It has been proven that women want more sex during the time of fertility. If, on the other hand, they are pregnant, they protect their baby by refraining from dangerous activities. So your hormones make you more aggressive, open, passive and even anxious.

The pill intervenes in your cycle in a controlling way so that you are not fertile. Because the hormones associated with your cycle control your behaviour or your feelings, the pill also intervenes in them. Another example of the influence is PMS.

PMS, the premenstrual syndrome, is the conversion of your hormones in your body when your period begins. This means that the hormones in your body go on a rollercoaster ride and your emotions follow them.

The pill intervenes in your cycle by bringing artificial hormones into your bloodstream. These change your hormone levels in your blood and this is not without its effects. The pill mainly releases estrogen and progesterone. These provide their own rollercoaster ride in your system until it stabilizes over time.

If your blood contains a lot of estrogen, serotonin is released. Serotonin makes you feel happy. This applies to the natural cycle. If, on the other hand, you artificially add oestrogen to your blood, it will cause a constant up and down. Times of happiness alternate with times of fear and depression. But these ups and downs can only go in one direction, and then your anxious and depressive feelings will be greatly intensified.

The whole thing can also be described in this way: If you experience an up because you are taking estrogen, then a down because you are not taking estrogen. But this low is now perceived more strongly because of the previous high and can even worsen your mood much more than the low alone can. The result is that your mood falls into the basement and stays there.

Vitamins B6, vitamin B12, vitamin C for stabilization

Vitamins B6 and B12 have a proven effect on your hormones, especially serotonin. Researchers therefore suggest using both hormones (vitamin B6 and B12?) to stabilise the mood of people with these problems. This can be achieved, for example, by taking supplements.

Besides oestrogen, progesterone is also involved. This hormone ensures that you can relax. Among other things, it also ensures that you sleep soundly. On the other hand, if it is not sufficiently available, it causes insomnia and anxiety, as well as increased irritability.

The ups and downs of progesterone ultimately work like the ups and downs of oestrogen. The ups are good in themselves, but the perception of the high then reinforces the effect of the low. In other words, the ups and downs in your hormone levels lead to a strengthening of the negative side.

In your perception everything is now perceived as pressure and stress. This perception may weaken and strengthen again, but it cannot disappear permanently. Here you can work with vitamin C.

Vitamin C is able to stabilise both the progesterone level and the proportion of dopamine in your blood. Unfortunately, however, the pill has the side effect of lowering the level of vitamin C in your blood. In other words, the contraceptive pill will cause a rollercoaster of progesterone levels and at the same time reduce the amount of vitamin C in your blood. This then intensifies the rollercoaster effect.

So if you want to work with supplements, you should also make sure that they contain appropriate amounts of vitamin C. This way they can also help you with progesterone.

Another problem has been identified in the brain itself. The part of the brain responsible for regulating emotions is also affected by the pill. This area is less pronounced in women who use it regularly. This means that it is harder for them to keep their emotions under control.

What can you do?

You now have three options for how you can react. Which way is right for you depends on how badly you are affected. If the anxiety attacks have a significant negative impact on your life and you even suffer from panic attacks, you should seek medical help immediately.

If the anxiety attacks occur only rarely and are always related to concrete situations in your life, then you do not need to do anything. In this case the reasons are obvious and natural.

If your life is negatively affected but you are not yet suffering from panic attacks, you should take action against them. There are several options available to you. The first thing to do is to find out whether the contraceptive pill is actually responsible for it. This can be done simply by looking at your life.

Apart from the pill, it can simply be your sex that causes the anxiety. Studies have proven that women are about twice as anxious as men. This is due to general behaviour, differences in hormones and the way the problems are dealt with. While men tackle problems and thus eliminate the causes of stress, women are more likely to internalise the stress. Over time, this then leads to anxiety states.

In addition to gender, genes and childhood also play a role. Some people are simply more anxious than others. In addition, some people have had a more difficult childhood, for example traumatic experiences, and are simply more anxious as adults.

People who spend a lot of time on social networks can also develop anxiety. Facebook and the like mean that we constantly compare ourselves with others. Most of the time we are not honest with ourselves. We compare ourselves in a negative moment, we are just bored and alone, with our friends in a happy moment, because they are taking a picture of themselves. We cannot win, but many people do not understand that. What is left for us is a feeling of inadequacy.

Then there is our lifestyle. People who drink a lot of coffee are easily nervous. People who live in a bad relationship become anxious. Those who are constantly stressed at work also have emotional problems. People who are sick get depressed quickly.

You have to find out for yourself why you get your anxiety attacks. If you cannot find any other causes in your life, it is probably because of the pill. Now it is up to you to react.

The first thing you should learn is mindfulness. This means that you learn to sit back and be aware of yourself in your surroundings. You can do this, for example, by simply lying down for a few minutes. Do not try to fall asleep. Listen to what is around you. Try to identify the sounds and assign them to a cause. In time, you will build up inner peace and self-confidence.

Move around. If you do some exercise or just go for a walk, you will have time to calm down. You can think in peace and quiet and also practice mindfulness by simply looking at your surroundings. Perceive things and try to absorb them with every detail within yourself.

The movement also improves your blood circulation. Stress hormones are broken down and you get a better oxygen supply in your brain. All of this means that you will be able to calm down better afterwards and sleep better at night.

Speak up. It always helps when you talk to someone about what's bothering you. Often it is enough to explain things only once. Before you can share them with someone, you need to put them in order in your mind. This makes certain problems just not look so bad anymore. When you talk about them, you often find solutions automatically. When you see that someone takes care of your problems and does not judge you, you feel better. In addition, someone else can always give you good advice, because the other person is not in the middle of your problems. This gives them a better overview.

Probiotics, changing the pill, supplements

Try probiotics. Often our feelings are also influenced by how we digest the food inside us. The digestion depends on the bacteria in our intestines and they can get mixed up. You can fight this with probiotics. Over time this will bring your intestinal flora into balance and this will also lighten your mood.

Change the pill. Not every preparation works the same way for everyone. One pill may cause you anxiety. Another brand may not have any side effects. So try a little until you find something that works better for you.

If none of this works, then change your diet. If that is not enough either, there are supplements that can help you. These will provide you with the necessary vitamins B6, B12 and vitamin C and thus stabilise your hormone balance.

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