What helps against the side effects of the pill

If you experience side effects from taking the birth control pill, this is not a coincidence. The hormones in your body control your cycle and at the same time control a lot of other functions. If you interfere with your hormone balance with the pill, this not only leads to contraception, it also causes side effects.

Against the side effects

The side effects are often not just a result of the pill alone, but of an existing or upcoming deficiency in your body. The Pill is associated with a higher consumption of certain vitamins and trace elements. If you do not have enough of these substances in your body or do not take enough of them, you will experience side effects.

In order to reduce or prevent the side effects, you can simply increase the supply of the substances that are consumed faster with the pill. This can be done through diet, through multivitamins and through certain dietary supplements designed to counteract these side effects.

As far as nutrition is concerned, this is the most natural way. Unfortunately, it often leads to you eating too much or still not taking enough of a particular substance. Multivitamins provide you with a cocktail of substances that is tailored to many situations and does not only cover the deficiencies caused by the pill.

Certain food supplements are tailored to the side-effects of the Pill, precisely to the deficiency symptoms associated with it. In this way they bring you exactly the amount you need and also the substances you lack.

What are multivitamins

Multivitamins contain vitamins, minerals and trace elements. All these are needed by your body in different situations, quantities and proportions. Often a deficiency is due to an unbalanced diet, which results in fatigue, susceptibility to illness or reduced performance.

Now the exact deficiency varies from person to person and from situation to situation. Multivitamins, however, help by providing the greatest possible amount of important components. In this way they cover a wide range of needs. Any excess intake is either stored in the body or excreted in the urine.

Multivitamins can be taken in the form of juices, tablets or even injections. However, it can easily happen that you take far too much of one and not enough of the other. Too much is not the problem, because you excrete it. But you pay for it and do not use it. At the same time there may still be a shortage of what you really need.

What is in multivitamins

Multivitamins contain the vitamins and minerals that your body cannot produce on its own or that it is unable to produce due to circumstances. In other words, all those things that are difficult to get from food can be found in multivitamins.

However, there are certain problems associated with multivitamins. They are quite cheap and can therefore be bought and taken in larger doses. However, the synthetic vitamins they contain are not easy for the body to absorb. That is why they are often excreted again and only a small amount has achieved what it was intended to achieve.

Worse still, if you take the synthetic vitamins in overdoses, it can even be harmful. The recommended doses are not the problem, but if you exceed them, because it is so cheap and easy, you can achieve the opposite.

Besides the important ingredients, there are often other ingredients that sound good but have no other function. In other words, you consume advertising and, of course, you pay for it.

Targeted supply of vitamins such as B6, B12 and C

There are food supplements that are specifically tailored to the side effects, for example in the form of juices, syrups or tablets. Here, researchers have recognised the extent to which women's lives and well-being are affected by the side effects of the pill.

Years of research have revealed exactly which substances in the female body are used up by the Pill. It has been proven which of them led to which side effects. As a result, food supplements can be produced that contain exactly the substances that are withdrawn in your body by the pill.

Not only will the missing substances be supplied to you, they are also contained in the correct dose. They are also combined in such a way that they help each other. This will have the best effect in your body and on your mood.

Vitamins, folic acid, magnesium, zinc and selenium

The specially formulated supplements contain exactly what you need, in exactly the dose you need. This includes, for example, vitamin B12. Then there is folic acid and magnesium, which work together effectively.

Together they improve your mood, your performance and your energy. They help your digestion and prevent diarrhoea or constipation. Your thyroid gland is supported with selenium, zinc and other substances. This ensures that the gland itself remains healthy and that it can produce the appropriate hormones and work optimally with your cells and organs. This also ensures that you have more strength, energy and motivation. In addition, digestive problems and weight gain are counteracted.

All this brings even more positive effects for you. It also ensures that you sleep better, that your anxiety disappears, that your hair, skin and nails look better and you simply feel better.

Hermony Labs supplements or multivitamins

You're not suffering from general complaints. You suffer from the side effects of the pill. Then it is simply better to take exactly the supplements that are tailored to your needs. They help you with everything you need and they do not lead to an unhealthy overdose.

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